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I am a skilled woodworker and an artist selling my carved wood artwork.  In addition to regular woodworking, I create pieces incorporating 3 dimensional carving ranging from simple custom wood signs to carved wooden jewelry boxes, carved wooden burial urns and architectural millwork, using a CNC routers as part of a well equipped woodworking shop. Each piece is individually hand made right here in my shop. The pieces that I make for you can be great for gifts. They can be personalized to become a gift to be treasured.  Maybe I can help you by making pieces for a project you are creating or recreating.  Look around the site and see if you like anything here or if you get an idea for something that I can create for you. If we (you and I) can create something for you, go the Contact Us page or call me at 951 928-0560 and we will design it. If you like the work that comes out of my shop and would like to do your own, I am an authorized agent for sales and training for the CarveWright Woodworking System.

Clint Stoutenburgh
Nuevo, California
  There are comments from some recipients of my artwork at the bottom of some pages.

About the wood
About the finish
About the carving designs
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The types of wood I mainly use are:
Pine for signs and some other projects, like the Treasure Chest, seem to look better in pine.
Cedar is good for outdoor signs because it weathers better than pine.
Redwood is good for ourdoor signs bedause it weatheres well.
Poplar works and carves well and is affordable. I like it because of the interesting grain patterns.  It does have a greenish cast. 

Alder mimics cherry but the color is more consistent. It has a more subtle grain pattern than poplar, making it good for items like special boxes,urns and indoor signs & wall hangings.

Other woods can be used on request.



I like wood and would prefer not to paint it. Except for pine, I use oil based stain and semi gloss clear finish over that. The stains I use most frequently are:  
Natural - darkens a little but the natural color of the wood shows the wood and the grain is magnified.  
Cherry - is the color of natural cherry wood, a lighter grayish brown.

Traditional Cherry - is redder like the cherry cabinets you see in kitchens.

traditional cherry
English Chestnut - is a darker rich warm brown. english chestnut

The three dimensional designs are carved into the wood, not glued onto the surface. The CNC router carves in two ways. Raster carving carves the shape, flowers, animals or whatever you chose. I create or purchase the designs. The largest collection, and where I sell my designs is The Pattern Store , if you want to see what is available. Vector carving follows lines. A good example is the Treasure Chest (see it on the Boxes page). The shape of the parts of the Treasure Chest box were carved using Raster carving, then the lines defining the boards and the lettering on the top used Vector carving. Understanding this should help when we discuss your design request. I can usually ship a custom order in less than two weeks.

I do custom wood carving so I don't keep many items on hand. The exception is burial urns. If it is not a pre-need situation, you need the urn quickly. so I have a small choice on hand. If you are interested in something you see here or have an idea for something I can create for you, go to the Contact Us page and we will discuss your request by email or phone. I can send you pictures (by email) of what your project will look like before I start carving. When we have agreed on your project design and a price (+shipping) go to the Place your order page where you can use PayPal or a credit card to make your payment or pay using the invoice I will send you by email through PayPal. I will send you a photo of the finished project and ship it as soon as I complete it.



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